Client / Agency
  • Urbasolar / La sentinelle
  • 2016
  • Visual design
  • Interactive design
  • UX / UI

Urbasolar is a French pure player specialized in engineering, building and operating professional photovoltaic plants. The goal was to design and refresh the supervision interfaces for the control room video wall and for the technicians who intervene on site.


Video Wall
Video wall design

The dark background laid out across 6 large-format displays was designed to reduce visual strain for operators. The project gave me the opportunity to approach a diverse range of domains such as information architecture, data visualization, maps, data localization, weather forecast and dynamic synoptic diagrams.

The video wall has not only become a key operational tool to support and guide everyday operations but also a promotional display for the company.

The Tony Stark effect…

3D Rendering : Vincent Carmet – Atelier End

Solution for on-site intervention teams

The responsive version of the supervision interface is designed to improve interactions between the control center based in the South of France and the technicians in other locations.

The solution provides an enhanced user experience to monitor operational emergencies in real time, precisely identify failure locations, schedule interventions and monitor performance…

Operation and maintenance website

In addition to the supervision tools, Urbasolar asked us a design of a proposal for the promotional version of their operation and maintenance service.


Art direction

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